Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is responsible for the protection of environment and public transport links.

The Regional Policy Statement

The Bay of Plenty Regional Policy Statement (RPS) provides a framework for sustainably managing our region’s natural and physical resources. The RPS provides direction to local councils for managing our land, air, fresh and coastal water, infrastructure and biodiversity, and issues of significance to iwi. This includes guidance for growth management in the western Bay of Plenty, and setting urban limits for residential area expansion.

Under the Resource Management Act 1991 the region’s city and district councils are required to give effect to the RPS when developing their district or city plans, and when considering applications for resource consent.

A change to the RPS has been made, meaning Tauriko West is now marked as being within the current urban limit.

The urban limit is a line in the RPS that shows which areas urban development can occur within. Guided by the SmartGrowth Strategy for the western Bay of Plenty, urban limits help the region to grow at a controlled and consistent rate and inform planning for expansion of urban areas. Urban limits also provide considerable certainty for landowners as to the future of land, both inside and outside the limits. For example, they enable orchardists and farmers to decide how they invest in their property.

Under the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity, councils must ensure enough land is zoned appropriately to allow for population growth. The change means Tauriko West will now be able to help accommodate the rapid growth being experienced in Tauranga.

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