SmartGrowth is responsible for the vision, direction and long-term planning for population and business growth in Tauranga City and the western Bay of Plenty region.

Launched in 2002, the SmartGrowth partnership provides a unified vision and sets the strategic direction for growth, infrastructure planning and development across the western Bay of Plenty.

The SmartGrowth Strategy forms an implementation plan focused on six key outcomes:

  1. Visionary leadership and collaboration
  2. Sustaining and improving the environment
  3. Building community
  4. Growing a sustainable economy
  5. Recognising cultural identity and change
  6. Integrated planning

Taking into account a range of environmental, social, economic and cultural matters, the strategy identifies opportunities for building our community.

Ensuring a balanced approach to growth management is an important part of planning for the future and connecting the spaces and places that create communities where we live, learn, work and play. Not just now, but in the future.

The Strategy is focused on implementation and future thinking.  It has a 50-year horizon with a particular focus on the next 20 years.

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