Western Bay of Plenty District Council

189 hectares of the proposed urban growth area at Tauriko West is located within the Western Bay of Plenty District and will need to be serviced by infrastructure such as pipes, roads and parks. It makes sense for the administration and services to be provided by the urban council, Tauranga City Council.

To help make this happen, the Western Bay of Plenty District Council made an application to the Local Government Commission to alter the boundary between Tauranga City and Western Bay at Tauriko West on 1 November 2018.

Council sought feedback from landowners, the community, hapu with an interest in Tauriko West and Tauranga Moana iwi authorities during July and August 2018, with the majority supporting the application. Tauranga City Council and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council have also supported the application.

The Local Government Commission, which is independent of the councils involved, has the final say on the boundary alteration. The Commission agreed on 29 November 2018 to assess the Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s application. To assist its decision-making, the Commission is consulting the community on the boundary alteration (20 March to 17 April 2020).

For more details on the progress of the Local Government Commission’s process, visit http://www.lgc.govt.nz/the-reorganisation-process/reorganisation-current-applications/view/alteration-to-the-boundary-between-western-bay-of-plenty-and-tauranga-city?step=main

For more on the role of Western Bay of Plenty District Council in making the original application, visit https://www.westernbay.govt.nz/council/projects/tauriko-for-tomorrow