Kia ora and welcome to the latest Tauriko for Tomorrow project update – shaping a safe transport network and new community at Tauriko West.

In this update we bring you:
• details on the short-term transport improvements to SH29 planned to start next year
• news on the upcoming plan change to rezone the Tauriko West area for housing and urban development
• a summary of the feedback from the community on the design of the long-term transport plans for Tauriko West
• information on the current nationwide review of speed limits (have your say by 12 December)
• a heads-up on the Kāinga Ora Specified Development Project assessment

Tauriko enabling works: update on the short-term transport improvements

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and Tauranga City Council are currently completing the detailed design and seeking statutory approvals for the Enabling Works: improvements to two key intersections on SH29, due to start in 2023.

Since the detailed design process started in February 2022, we have refined the plans for the design and implementation of the improvements, and incorporated feedback from mana whenua, stakeholders, landowners, interest groups, and the community received at the Tauriko for Tomorrow open days in May 2021 and May 2022. Advice from safety, technical and environmental specialists was also included.

SH29/Cambridge Road and Tauriko Village intersection upgrades

The new intersection with traffic lights on SH29 at Tauriko Village will provide access to the northern part of Tauriko West. The upgrade of the existing SH29/Cambridge Road intersection with traffic lights will improve safety and provide a connection to Whiore Avenue for buses, people walking and cycling.

SH29/Redwood Lane intersection upgrade

The new roundabout at SH29/Redwood Lane will connect to Tauriko Business Estate via Kaweroa Drive and provide access to the southern part of the new community planned in Tauriko West via Redwood Lane.

Find out more about the enabling works

New community: plan change coming up to rezone Tauriko West for housing

Tauranga City Council continues to prepare the plan change to rezone Tauriko West under the Tauranga City Plan to provide for housing and urban development, and aims to notify it mid-next year.

This includes completing the Structure Plan, which shows where the key elements of the new community would be located and integrates with the transport planning underway, the rezoning proposal and rule framework, the assessment of effects, and development of a comprehensive stormwater consent.

This also involves the long-term SH29 corridor being confirmed by Waka Kotahi and confirmation of proposed changes to national policy for freshwater management. The notification of the plan change will provide you with a further opportunity to input on the final details for the new community.

Planning process

Tauranga City Council is intending to progress the plan change through a variation to Plan Change 33 – Enabling Housing Supply. Like a conventional plan change this process will involve mana whenua, stakeholder and community participation (including submissions and hearings). Final decision making will involve independent hearings commissioners and Council, and if necessary, the Minister for the Environment – instead of appeals to the Environment Court.

Find out more about the Intensification streamlined planning process

Community feedback on the long-term transport plans

Earlier this year, we asked for people’s views on the next phase of the Tauriko for Tomorrow project to shape a safe transport network and a new community in Tauriko West. The purpose of this engagement was to build on feedback received over the past five years of consultation and engagement, and use it to refine the overall transport network design.

We also provided an update on the short-term transport works (the enabling works) to improve safety and enable development at Tauriko West, and the planning for the new community.

People’s feedback revolved around five key themes:

  • Safety and local road connections
  • Short-term improvements
  • Long-term improvements
  • Traffic effects
  • Walking, cycling and public transport

Find out what people said about these topics in the summary of engagement.

Have your say on proposed speeds

Roads and streets in the Bay of Plenty are used for everything from commuting to freight to tourism. The Bay of Plenty region has a significant role in producing and transporting goods, and with increasing numbers of people choosing to live in the region, safe and reliable roads, and better travel options to connect local communities are becoming more important.

In the wider Tauriko area, we are proposing safer speed limits for SH29 and a variable speed limit for Tauriko School.

Waka Kotahi is reviewing these speed limits as part of a nationwide speed review. Consultation is open until 12 December 2022.

Find out more about the speed review and have your say.

Western Corridor Specified Development Project

Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities, has selected Tauranga’s Western Corridor as the second project for assessment as a potential Specified Development Project (SDP) under the Urban Development Act 2020.

Selection for assessment kicks off an extensive engagement and consultation process, as Kāinga Ora, working together with Māori, Tauranga City Council, Waka Kotahi, other stakeholders and the community, considers the suitability of using its urban development tools for the project area. Once the assessment process is complete, Kāinga Ora will recommend to Ministers whether or not an SDP should be established.

The current proposed project area under assessment includes Tauriko West, Keenan Road and Tauriko Business Estate’s Lower Belk Road extension – three existing urban growth areas which are at various stages of planning and development.

What does this mean for Tauriko West projects already underway?

The SDP assessment process will occur alongside the work currently undertaken by Tauranga City Council, Waka Kotahi and others, including planning for the short- and long-term transport improvements and the structure planning and rezoning process.

You will hear more about the SDP assessment and how it fits in with the Tauriko for Tomorrow project next year.

Find out more about Specified Development Projects

what to expect next

The partners continue to develop plans for Tauriko for Tomorrow. We will keep you informed in the new year on our progress and how you can input further into the project.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback you’d like to pass on, please contact us through this online form.