The Transport Agency had detailed conversations with the community at the information days. The team showed four network option maps of how the 30-year programme could develop. The feedback was that Network Option 4 was the most favoured and Option 3 was second (these can be found on the website

When asked what is important for shaping the future transport system in and around Tauriko, people responded with:

  • Improvements to the state highways and local road intersections to remove congestion
  • Prefer flyovers for SH29 and the side roads rather than roundabouts and traffic lights, and free flow intersections preferred
  • Want better access to public transport
  • Don’t want safety compromised and to reduce speed in some sections
  • Planning for future traffic capacity
  • Better walking and cycling facilities

The Transport Agency is working on the next stage of the business case, which includes investigating a short list of options with stakeholders, and speaking with landowners who may be affected by any upgrades to the state highway. The feedback from the community is a crucial part of working through this next stage.